Telikin Breeze 18in Touchscreen Computer

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The Telikin Breeze Computer is the perfect answer for anyone who has been frustrated with traditional PCs or has never had the opportunity to learn computers in the past. Created to be the easiest and most intuitive user experience possible, the Telikin Breeze computer combines video chat, photo sharing, email and many more popular features into a sleek, 18.6" touchscreen device. Not only enjoyed by seniors and baby boomers, the Telikin has earned fans with the whole family, from new users to tech-experts. Now, on your Telikin Computer, with just a few simple touches, you can have a face to face video call with loved ones who live miles away, view photos from your friend's recent party, or even begin booking your next vacation!

  • All-in-one design
  • Virus resistant
  • Email
  • Video chat
  • Web browsing
  • Fast 16 GB SSD Drive
  • CD / DVD players & burners
  • Custom interface + built in apps
  • Thousands of games available pre installed and online
  • Microsoft compatible word processor
  • Microsoft compatible spreadsheets and slideshows
  • Calendar with notifications
  • Supports HP printers



Comes with a 60 day trial period, a full year's warranty and free
VIP support for the first 30 days!



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